Special delivery…..

Hi there friends, today i want to share with you one new blanket that I made  recently ….

i had a lot of fun doing it and I love how it turned out .

I used a World Map Panel plus a  Cotton Chevron border, and on the corners i added some Minky Plush plus I applique some cute Yellow Minky Plush stars , in the middle it has some 100 percent Cotton Batting and on the back I used also some Blue Minky Plush …I really love to work in my projects with this Minky Plush material because is Baby safe and all the layers together will keep warm to the little one.

I also made a coordinating Etiquette with a special message for the little baby boy that is so cute! Here is the result ,…if you have any questions please leave them in the comment section!

Thank you and I wish you a great start of the week.

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